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April 22, 2010

Did you read the article cited in the entry, below, for April 17, 2010? The article was written by Matt Dunn for the News of Cumberland County. Check it out if you haven't read it.

The most amazing part of the article is this:

Behind closed doors in Bridgeton Municipal Court, a discussion between Cristen D'Arrigo, Bridgeton municipal prosecutor, and McGinley, became argumentative and loud.

D'Arrigo was loudly heard attempting to explain that filing an OPRA request is not harassment, but added that some of her complaints may be valid.

When they emerged from D'Arrigo's office after about an hour, D'Arrigo looked exasperated.

Mr. D'Arrigo certainly was exasperated. What those of us in the court couldn't understand is why he took the verbal abuse from Tamara McGinley that she poured on the man. My guess, and the guesses of those 3-4 people in the courtroom who I questioned, is that McGinley was screaming for 15 minutes. Literally, screaming.

McGinley was heard by anyone in the courtroom who was breathing and awake. She seems to think that my Open Public Records Act request is harassment. She is heard in my videos saying, " just don't get it." Well, Tamara, you are the one who doesn't get it. 

Filing requests for public records is available to all in New Jersey. The OPRA legislation is one of the most power-giving law available to the public. We can find out what our elected officials--and our neighbors--are doing. 

In my videos McGinley can be heard telling me as well as total strangers that she has all her permits and she has a Certificate of Occupancy. Very interestingly, the facts are that she does not have a CO.

I'll be uploading some intriguing documents before the week. Stop back.

In other news...the Downe School budget was defeated. The budgets of 10 other Cumberland County schools were similarly defeated. 

It is interesting to note the number of votes received by a total newcomer to the Downe scene. Is it true that Tammi Reynolds out-polled long time school board president Stultz Taylor? 

Tammi is the daughter-in-law of Audrey Reynolds who was president of the Downe school board for a few terms. Times certainly change in interesting ways in Downe Township. 

April 17, 2010

As you can imagine, having criminal harassment charges made against me has forced me to re-arrange my priorities. Keeping this website up to date isn't at the top of my list.

The absolute most amazing part of this whole situation happened on Tuesday. April 13th, 2010 at the Bridgeton Municipal Court.  

Complainant McGinley was in the Bridgeton prosecutor's office when she began screaming at him about me submitting OPRA requests for information on her house.

OPRA means Open Public Records Act and is the New Jersey act which gives citizens access to public information. Anyone can file an OPRA request for public documents.

After viewing the videos that I took and listening to her statement about having all her permits in order I submitted OPRA requests for her property. 

She does not have a Certificate of Occupancy. 

In fact, she never had one. She was issued a temporary CO by ex-Downe Zoning officer Robert Campbell. 

Most interesting is the simple fact that the State of New Jersey does not have a temporary CO and hasn't had one for almost 20 years. 

It appears that Ms. McGinley thinks filing an OPRA request is harassment. 

I'll bet that she thinks I'm harassing her by telling the world. 

For those interested, two articles in the local Cumberland News dealing with this issue and me holding a world parachuting can be seen here: voices/index.ssf/2010/04/ben_ column_nina_suggestions_no. html

More very soon.

Would you like to comment on this mess? Send an email to: 

BenSayers312 @ 

You must remove the two space around the @ for the address to work. 

Evil is an active force. It must be opposed. All that evil needs in this world to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing!" - an anonymous British Statesman

More soon. Stop back.

Get informed.

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