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Damn Downe Taxes

You may not realize it but well over 70% of the land in Downe Township is tax exempt. Yes, true!

The number is 73%...or more. I'm waiting for the official figures from the DEP. I'll post them when I get them.

Never the less, the precise number is actually not too important because it is so far above the number the State of New Jersey planned for with the Payment In Lieu of Taxes, "PILOT", program.

This page will be growing over the next few weeks to reflect the terrible situation in Downe Township.

Actually, it's more of a dirty little secret.

With very few exceptions...Renee Blizzard and Lisa Garrison...being the exceptions, no past Downe officials have done anything to address the issue of our huge amount of tax exempt land.

That's just the point of this web page: exposing the hypocrisy of the elected officials...with exception of Renee and Lisa.

Oh, you'll hear ex-Mayors say, "I went all the way to Trenton."

Really? Show us the letters that you wrote. Show us the schedule of meetings that you had and who you had those meetings with.

I'm waiting.

I've been rather vocal about this issue for over twenty years because I know the story and I know why we are over 70% tax exempt. Over the next few weeks this group of pages addressing tax exempt land will grow. You'll be able to see the facts, see the numbers and see what you can do about it.

While I'm accumulating the facts, figures and writing the material up in an easy to understand way, take a look at the material at the following links.

Read about the Natural Lands Trust. If you are from Fortescue you'll know that the infamous Fortescue Cat Colony is on land owned by the trust.  One of the more interesting aspects of the Cat Colony issue is that "someone" nailed signs to telephone poles, illegally, to attempt to make people feel guilty for caring about the cats.

As was pointed out by a knowledgable resident at a recent Township Committee meeting, the nailing of signs to telephone poles is both illegal and dangerous to the people who may climb the poles.

Check out the links below and then stop back shortly for an enhanced update to our tax exempt land issue.

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NLT and PILOT funding

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