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December 15, 2010

I went out last night to take pictures of Downe Township Christmas lights. It was very cold and very windy.

The pictures I took were very blurred. They were totally unusable. I'm going out again tonight to see if I can get some which are better.  I looked at all the first place winners in each category. Wow! Some really impressive stuff. Even if the pictures aren't up to my photographic standard I think I'm going to post them anyway because the you just have to see some of the work people have done.

Wait until you see the display put up by Roy Blizzard, Jr. of Back Neck Road on the way toward Gandy's Beach. He must have thousands of bulbs.

More later...

December 14, 2010

Have you noticed how disjointed this website is?

Have you poked around enough to realize that many links don't work and often the material is out of date?

The reason is that I am always attempting to do too many things and there are not enough hours in my day. Plus, one of my weaknesses is that I have difficulty doing repetitive tasks. Maintaining a website is one of the most demanding in regard to repetitiveness that anyone can undertake.

It isn't difficult. It simply takes dedication to the task.

And I have too many things on my plate. Hopefully, you'll understand.

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Pictures are Hyperlinks

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