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Updates will be made as often as my business and personal obligations permit.

November 23, 2010

I just learned that our court transcript could take a month to be provided. In addtion to a transcript I'm also going to get an audio CD and digital copy of the hearing transcript. My in-depth update article will have to wait. More soon on this.

November 20, 2010

About twenty years ago, when I first got involved in local politics by attending Township Committee and Planning Board meetings, I published a monthly newsletter that I called the DDT Newsletter. DDT meant Disgruntled Downe Taxpayer. I wrote, edited and distributed copies to nearly every household in Downe Township.

My original intent for starting and BernieSayers.TV was to continue the theme and purpose of the DDT Newsletter but with all the modern benefits of the Internet such pictures, unlimited space and universal delivery and essentially free.

I had recently informed the Township Commitee that I intended to stream live video to the Internet from meetings. I had a few business owners lined up for interviews to promote their talents as well as to include small advertisements for local businesses instead of Google Ads. I wanted to do video essays of the marinas and restaurants as well as any home business or activity.

It was my intent to use my knowledge of technolgy to tell informative stories about the people of Downe and to promote what ever they wanted to promote. Because I fixed the computers of so many Downe residents I knew they had interest in my idea. July of 2009, while taking background pictures and videos for a story on dozens of different signs in Fortescue, I was charged with five charges of criminal harassment.

Then, fifteen months later, all of the charges of harassment were dropped by judge hearing the case.

I'm ready to get back to my original goal: promoting a new DDT: a Digital Downe Township.

I will return to promoting the idea of video from meetings, a total Downe digital presence for all businesses and churches and any other groups which want to have an Internet presence.

Stay tuned.

Crime is up in Downe Township!

According to recent a recent news report in The News of Cumberland County, crime has increased in Downe Township. The on-line version of The News reported "According to state police, the number of burglaries in Downe increased from eight to 28 in 2009."

November 16, 2010

I heard the more recent flood tides have been higher than any time in ten years in Fortescue. I know it seems that water covers the road now almost every month where ten or less years ago the water would come over the road only on severe storms and hurricanes.

Have you seen the stark, gray trees on the horizon which can be seen when you look to the left while leving Fortescue? Dramatic changes are taking place quite rapidly.

One rapid change taking place in Downe Township happens to be the few bugs, meaning biting flies and mosquitoes, the last few summers. Most people see the beach umbrellas, towels and beach chairs along with children playing on the beach as a good thing. It isn't.

Seeing the Fortescue Beach with people strolling along hold hands on a hot day in July of this year, I knew something was seriously wrong.

Do you know why Downe Township had so few bugs this year and last?

November 15, 2010

Wow! What a wonderful response to my Exonerated!!! article. Thank you very much to so many people in my address book.

I was hoping to send you something about my latest Big Idea rather than an article about having charges of harassment dropped. But now you know what has distracted me.

Over the next week or so I'll be covering the history of the harassment charges, the complete charges with links to the actual documents, the discovery information presented, an analysis of how things escalated and finally, a complete coverage of the trial with links to the transcript and audio if available.

Please make it a point to stop back regularly.

November 13, 2010

Earl Meyer & Bernie Sayers


All charges dropped against two local veterans

Vineland Municipal Court Judge John A. Kaspar dropped all eleven criminal harassment charges against Earl Meyer and Bernie Sayers on Wednesday, November 10th at the Vineland Municipal Courthouse.

The multiple cross charges between Meyer, Sayers and Tamara McGinley of Fortescue began when Meyer called the New Jersey State Police to his residence on the Fortescue Road because McGinley was sitting on the hood of her vehicle across from Meyer's home. While screaming and waving her arms at him she tells Meyer that she is a war protester and that she knows her rights.

A New Jersey State Trooper who was called told McGinley that she would have to remove her car from the shoulder of the road and stop protesting in front of Meyer's home without a permit.

You can watch a short video of McGinley in a video Meyer took from his driveway. See the video here. See the police report here.

After an individual review of all eleven complaints filed against the two men, Judge Kaspar dropped all of the charges.

The charges were deemed as lacking in legal merit. Judge Kaspar pointed out to McGinley that it was not a crime to drive on a public street and it was not a crime to take pictures in a public place.

McGinley's charges went from the bizarre to the ridiculous.

McGinley charged Meyer with driving past her house at a low rate of speed more than 55 times in one month.

Judge Kaspar pointed out to Ms. McGinley that because New Jersey Avenue is a public right of way, Mr. Meyer could drive down the road 55 times in one day if he wanted.

McGinley also charged Mr. Meyer with driving by the Lawrence Township Court building while court was in session. [Read that sentence again.]

Ms. McGinley charged Mr. Sayers with taking videos of her and posting them on YouTube. In another charge, McGinley claimed that Sayers was secretly video taping her.

It is puzzling to understand why McGinley would use the word "secretly" in reference to the filming when two minutes into the first video she jestures to his camera and is heard saying "...having that camera in your hand."

In the first of Mr. Sayers' videos McGinley can be seen and heard giving him unconditional permission--more than five times!--to put his material onto the Internet.  The first video and a transcript of it will be available soon.

Harassment charges for driving past a court house while court is in session is bizarre but Ms. McGinley topped those charges by making additional charges against both men using this wording in her charges against Mr. Sayers:

"Harassment- Continued disturbing repetative behavior after being told 'No Contact' by Pros. Specifically driving by my home in (an) alarming manner causing me to fear for my safety."

"Harassment- Escalating intimidation after being told "No Contact" by Pros. causing me to feel stalked."

In the context above, "Pros." means Prosecutor and is referring to the Bridgeton Municipal Court Prosecutor, Chris D'Arrigo. Ms. McGinley is claiming in the charge that Mr. D'Arrigo issued a 'No Contact' order against Mr. Meyer and Mr. Sayers.

Michael Testa, attorney for Mr. Meyer, pointed out to the court that only a judge has the power to issue a restraining order--which such a 'No Contact' order would be.

Under questioning, Ms. McGinley admitted that she had nothing in writing and could not prove that a "No Contact" order was issued.

She told Judge Kaspar, "I misspoke."

Mr. Testa quickly pointed out that Ms. McGinley did not misspeak: she lied.

Mr. Testa asked that Judge Kaspar immediately read Ms. McGinley her Miranda rights and charge her with perjury.

Fortunately for McGinley, Judge Kaspar chose not to charge her with four counts of perjury.

No restraining order was ever issued against either man.

Judge Kaspar dismissed ALL charges against Mr. Meyer and he dismissed ALL charges against Mr. Sayers.

Mr. Meyer and Mr. Sayers both dropped their charges against Ms. McGinley.

Update: Links to all videos and copies of all video transcripts as well as a transcript of the November 10th hearing will be available shortly. 

Material will be added to the top of this page on a semi-regular basis. When you visit next time, read down to where information begins to sound familiar. Then go outside and get some exercise.

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