The Saga of The Oracle of Fortescue
July 24, 2009

Why did the Oracle of Fortescue erect these signs?

Cock roach flags          Blind Love

Naked Emporer

Passionate hatred can give meaning to an empty woman.  A bully and a teacher.

Cruelty springs from a troubled soul.

Cruel Kindness

Anonymous Hate

When you look at the above picture, keep in mind that Tammy "I-never-lie" McGinley gave me permission to put her signs and her story on the Internet.

She gave me permission five times in nine minutes the day before I took this picture.

Realize, also, that she called the State Police to complain about me a few hours after telling me that she was glad I was putting my pictures on the Internet so her story could be told.

How it all began

Around Father's Day, I heard about a woman from Fortescue who was putting up signs. It sounded like a good photo story for the new video and photo blog I had plans to build at BernieSayers.TV.

Above are a few of the signs. In total, she erected 11 different groups of signs over 23 days with the first signs being placed a day or two before Father's Day, 2009.

Her last group of signs was all of the signs--every one--in no order and festooned around her house. See that picture at the end of this article.

No one I have spoken to understands what her signs meant.

It would be nice to learn that she had a grander reason than entrapment, encitement, slander and defamation of character.

The day I handed her my business card

Sometime toward the end of June, I saw Tammy on the street talking to a woman. I pulled my car over to where they were talking and handed her my business card through the passenger side window.

As I passed the card to her, I said, "I'd like a few moments of your time to discuss your sign project."

She looked at the card and said, "I know who you are!"

I said, "I'm the Guru."

She said, "You can't be much of a guru if you hang around with Earl Meyer."

She never called me. Ultimately, I mailed her a letter which you can read below. I mailed the letter five minutes before the episode with her and the "STALKER" signs.

I am still trying to get my mind around the insanity of having criminal harassment charges filed against me by a woman who gave me permission--FIVE TIMES--to take her picture and to publicize her story on my webpages.

I thought I was doing her a favor by offering to spread the word.  What ever her word is supposed to be! 

On Tuesday, she gave me permission five times to photograph her sign project.

On Tuesday night, she called the State Police to complain about my actions. She told them I was harassing her.

AFTER she had already given me permission...five times.

I'm looking forward to discovery so we can find out exactly what she told the police.

Look at the video.

How many times does she gives me permission?

In addition to telling me that I can put her story on the Internet, you'll notice she performs an on-the-spot psychoanalysis and she determines that I have Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Could she truly be the Oracle of Fortescue?

Why do I call Tammy McGinley the Oracle of Fortescue?

See the definition here:

Definitions of oracle on the Web:

  • prophet: an authoritative person who divines the future
  • a prophecy (usually obscure or allegorical) revealed by a priest or priestess; believed to be infallible
  • a shrine where an oracular god is consulted

I got my self into this mess because I was told that "some woman from Fortescue put signs along Fortescue Road just before the bridge."

I heard about the signs around Father's Day. I know because my daughter and I talked about getting pictures of the signs for my new website at BernieSayers.TV. We decided to get pictures the following week.

It was not my intent or purpose to harass Tamara McGinley by taking pictures and videos of her!

My intent was to put her flag story onto the Internet. 

Fortescue does seem to have a thing about flags.

If you have high-speed internet get yourself up to speed by watching the following videos.

If you are reading this on a dial-up or very slow connection you are out of luck for watching the videos.

Go to a local library and use their fast connection.

Oracle of Fortescue #1: The Five Permissions

When viewing the Oracle video #1 watch for her giving me permission and her obvious desire to have her signs seen by as many as possible by having the signs posted on the Internet.

Notice how she attacks me because of where I live. She does this mutiple times. She equates a gated community with some sort of anti-social and anti-establishment disorder...along with her assessment of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Oddly, she never once mentions ex-Zoning Officer, Bob Campbell, and his "gated community" living accomodations.

Hundreds of people, school children and avid birdwatchers have visited my Glades Nature Center on Sharp Lane.

How many people have visited Mr. Campbell's compound at the end of Husted Lane?

I mean, how many people other than the workmen who built his 'fortress' have visited him at his compound?

The Oracle is able to explain everything, completely, about a person by how that person presents themselves. She professes the ability often.

 She has totally misjudged me...and Bob Campbell.

Remember: You will see and hear her give me permission five times.

View Oracle of Fortescue #1: Permissions. Click HERE

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Before we move on to the second video of the Oracle Trilogy series, you need to read and understand the context of a letter that I wrote to Tammy McGinley after our first meeting which was recorded in the first video.

On July 8th, a day after the first video, I awoke thinking I would formally ask to give her a few minutes of Internet fame.

I sat down and wrote a letter in which I explain that I have started a new website and that I wanted to interview her about her flag and sign project.

I wrote this letter to thank her for talking with me the previous day and to formally, in writing, ask Tammy for 15 minutes of her time to hear why she was erecting so many signs. 

When I drove to Fortescue to take pictures of her new signs, I stopped at the post office to mail a copy of the letter.

Here is the letter I sent to her:



July 8, 2009

Ms. Tamara McGinley
P. O. Box 304
Fortescue, NJ 08321

Dear Ms. McGinley--

Thank you for taking the time from your day to speak with me yesterday.

I fully agree with your statement in which you said having your signs available to everyone on the Internet would help your cause. As you said, the more people who know about your cause the better.  My difficulty is understanding what your cause actually is.

You've gone to some expense and considerable trouble creating and erecting flags and signs. Our short chat yesterday didn't allow me to undersatnd what it is that you are attempting to do with those signs...and the purpose of your efforts.

As I told you, my purpose for handing my business card to you a week ago was to arrange a time for an interview. This letter is a more formal way of asking for time...15 minutes. I'd like very much to interview you for a local Internet-based TV show to be starting soon at BernieSayers.TV. I discussed BernieSayers.TV at the Monday Committee meeting and I will be broadcasting from meetings very soon.

It's unfortunate that you don't attend township committee meetings because you could attain a less biased perspective on Downe Township if you did. Obviously, you are completely free to listen to whomever you wish and not listen to whomever you wish.

Having you honor my request will give the world an opportunity to hear what you have to say and to judge your perspective from your own words...rather than your words filtered through another person's perspective.

Please contact me via phone or email.

Bernie Sayers

Five minutes after handing the Fortescue Postmaster my letter I took this picture:

How pitiful.

And all of this from a woman who never lies... but who says "To tell you the truth..." just a little too often.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

The above quotation was not spoken by Mahatma Gandhi.

What to look for in Oracle of Fortescue #2: STALKER

Just like in the first video, Ms. McGinley walks across her property, across New Jersey Avenue and over to where I am parked along the bulkhead. At no time did I get out of my car. She walked over to me.

It's important to notice that she is engaging me in this second video as well as in the first and she follows me south on New Jersey Avenue in a direction away from her house.

Ms. McGinely is too ignorant of the law to realize that by erecting dozens of signs over three weeks she has created a public spectacle.

She is exercising her First Amendment Rights while creating and displaying her words on the signs.

The number of different signs with multiple colors and different messages make it quite clear that she wants the world to read her signs.

I was exercising my
First Amendment Rights by looking at, reading and photographing her signs.

She has created a public spectacle and I have every right to photograph it.

As you view STALKER, remember the five times she gives me permission in the first video.

And remember her immortal words, "I never lie!"

Note also that near the end she begins talking to a person off camera to the right who just got into a SUV which is parked to my right. She turns and begins walking toward the person in the SUV.

Her comments to the person in the SUV--who happens to be a 15-16 year old girl--are highly slanderous and defamatory. Tammy yells at the the girl, "He is stalking me and does what sex predators do!"

In video #3 it is clear from the words of the irate father in the "WTF" T-shirt that he has been incited to yell at me, "If you took pictures of my daughter I'll fucking kill you!"

You will notice that I NEVER took video of the young girl.

When I panned the camera around to follow Tammy I immediately reversed the movement of the camera when I saw that the person Tammy was talking to was a young girl my daughter's age. You can see that only the tires of the vehicle are videoed. I never video the girl.

Although the girl and I made eye contact, I immediately panned the camera back when I realized the girl was someone my daughter's age.

The father doesn't know that I never actually took a video of his daughter. All he knows is that his daughter told him: "There's a stalker and sex predator taking my picture!!"

Or something like that.

Tammy clearly provokes and incites the man to attack me.

Which he does. You'll see that he knocks the camera out of my hand and gets into a screaming match with me and the man who is walking by.

Tammy walked 50-60 feet down the road--carrying the STALKER sign--to engage a total stranger and to tell him who I am... just after I stopped filming this video #2.

You'll notice that she makes a major issue of telling the man that I have a gate. She doesn't realize that the man and I have known each other for a few years.

She was on her way into her house to call the police...until she realizes she has another audience for her slander and defamation of me. She stops walking in to call the police and walks toward me where I'm talking to the spew her slander of me to him.

View Oracle of Fortescue #2: The STALKER  Click HERE

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Oracle of Fortescue #3: Confrontation!

In the third video, "Confrontation", she is videoed as she appears at my car window again, after she followed me south on New Jersey Avenue to where I had driven, stopped and was talking to the walker.

She followed me to where I was talking with the walker so she could pitch her stalker/sexual predator slander to yet another person.

Although this third video is only 1 minute long, it shows the initial attack by the man that she incited...and continues to incite...with her statements of "sexual predator" and "pedophile".

The altercation with the man in the "WTF" shirt went on for a few minutes but was not taped. There was much yelling back and forth between the walker, the WTF man and myself with Tammy yelling "He's a STALKER and sex predator!"

Oracle of Fortescue Video #3: Confrontation Click HERE

The Oracle's House: Festooned with all of her signs at once.

The last set of signs was ALL of the signs around the house in no order...and still with no known purpose.

I'm disappointed that at least two signs were erected of which I didn't get pictures.

Sort of like a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

Totally flagged, totally not making any sense. Still totally flagged; still making no sense.

Still totally flagged

Stop back soon for more in the Oracle of Fortescue saga.

Ask yourself:

1. Why would anyone go to the trouble to erect these signs?

2. Why would she tell the State Police I was harassing her when she gave me permission to publicize her efforts?

3. What would cause any person do what she has done?

4. Why does she have such a noticeable hatred of veterans...and men?

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