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Videos of my encounters with the Oracle of Fortescue

The video you can see --below-- by clicking on the “On her hood” link was taken by Fortescue resident Earl Meyer, a 30 year veteran of the United States Navy. A few minutes before he began filming the short video, Earl's wife looked out of their front window one day in early June of 2009 and saw Tamara McGinley sitting on the hood of her car.

His wife told Earl that some woman was sitting on a car at the end of their driveway yelling and waving her hands toward their house.

A State Police officer informed Ms. McGinley that she would have to move her car and that she would have to get a permit if she wanted to protest on Fortescue Road in front of Mr. Meyer's home...or he would write her up for obstructing traffic and not having a permit. She removed herself from protesting in front of the Meyer's home but she then began placing signs in front of her home.

The story is told here in words, pictures and videos.

The videos that Earl and I took can be seen by clicking on the links below.

In my first video, “The Five Permissions” notice how often she gives me permission to put her story onto the Internet.

In my second video, notice also that after giving me permission, five times the day before, she called the police.

Take notice how often she says, "I never lie."

My first video and the second two videos were taken within 24 hours of each other. You will hear her giving me permission and saying how good it will be that more people will know the story in the video titled Oracle of Fortescue #1. And then, in the second and third videos she calls me a stalker.

Click on the following links to see the videos...

On Her Hood:The video that started it all

Oracle of Fortescue #1: The Five Permissions

Oracle of Fortescue #2: STALKER

Oracle of Fortescue #3: Confrontation


If you have trouble playing these videos the reason will be that your computer can not display flash videos. Follow the instructions on your screen that will probably describe how to download a program to view the videos.

Tamara McGinley waiting for me to take a picture.

On Saturday, July 11, 2009, at the Newport, NJ Post Office, I signed for a Certified letter. Much to my complete astonishment, I signed for an envelope which contained a Criminal Complaint against me for the crime of Criminal Harassment. Specifically, 2C:33-4(c) which is the harassment statute in New Jersey. The complaint is No. SC000399.

The full statement of the complaint is:

Harassment- Engaging in alarming conduct & repeatedly committing acts with purpose to alarm/seriously annoy the victim, specifically by taking pictures of victim on her property.

Marion Knipe, court clerk for Downe Township, indicates on the Complaint that “Probable cause is found for the issuance of this Complaint-Summons.”

Take a few minutes to review the material available from this website. After reading this webpage, looking at a few pictures of her signs and view three short videos. You decide if there was probable cause...and if there is any possibility of conviction.

You will also see that Tamara McGinley slanders me repeatedly, gives me permission to take pictures of her and then calls the State Police to complain about me.

She then incites a total stranger to attack me because she yelled to the stranger's 16 year old daugher that I was a STALKER and a sexual predator.

While holding a huge poster with the word “STALKER” you will see Ms. McGinley walk up to total strangers and state that I am a STALKER, that I am stalking her and that I am a sexual preditor.

You will see a justifiably irate and nearly out of control father who grabs me and says he will kill me for taking pictures of his daughter.

Ms. McGinley told the man's daugther, while holding a huge yellow sign emblazoned with STALKER, this: “He's a stalker... and does what sexual predators do.”

Despite the spewing of lies and slander by Ms. McGinley, I was found totally innocent of all the ridiculous charges she put against me. It was only because of the compassion of the judge that Ms. McGinley wasn't charged with multiple counts of perjury.

You can read about her perjury and my exoneration here: Exonerated!

The Background

I'm a blogger.

You are reading this blog because I believe I can make my neighborhood and my township a better place with words, stories and actions.

I cover stories on my blog that the local newspaper won't bother about because the number of people effected or influenced by the stories are only a few hundred or so.

Not only am I a blogger, I'm a political activist in Downe Township, New Jersey. For 20 years I have attended Township Committee meetings, Board of Education meetings and Planning and Zoning Meetings in the township.  To date, I have missed 11 Township meetings in 23 years.

I am very vocal and very public about my take on things...particularly where I live, Downe Township.

The following story, the pictures and, particularly the videos, tell a very sad story. This lady is very troubled. I have spoken to her on three separate days. Two of which are documented in the videos you can see from this page.

A few days before Father's Day, 2009, I heard about a woman in Fortescue, NJ who had a large number of signs staked out on Fortescue Road just before the bridge. No one I spoke with had a clue what the signs meant or exactly who put them there.

A few people told me that a woman who lived in a shack on the South side of Fortescue put them up “...because she had a beef about something.”

I empathized with her. I've been complaining about the Downe Township Inconvenience Garbage Dump, cronyism and general corruption in Downe Township for many years.

My empathy for her disappeared when she told me that she had contacted the State Police a few hours after she gave me permission to advertise her cause.

As you can see in the second video, she gives me permission five times.

The actions that you see me take, and the things I say and ask in these videos, is done with the intent of getting an interview with Tamara McGinely for an article I was going to write about her “flag campaign”.

I figured I would take a ride or two to Fortescue in the evening, watch a beautiful sunset, take a few pictures and write up her story.

Little did I know that I would live for almost two years in a world that only Franz Kafka could create.

In the first video, she gives me permission to take pictures of her five times during the video and then she calls the State Police to complain that I'm harassing her. 

This picture is the first one I took of her signs. I was a day late. Someone took offense to whatever she wrote and ripped them down. Note how many signs she placed just before the bridge on Fortescue.

See her dozens of signs and a full description of our encounter here: The Oracle of Fortescue

Despite the spewing of lies and slander by Ms. McGinley, I was found totally innocent of all the ridiculous charges she put against me. All charges against Earl Meyer were also dropped.

It was only because of the compassion of the judge that Ms. McGinley wasn't charged with multiple counts of perjury. The court transcript shows the comments about her perjury.

You can read about her perjury and my exoneration here: Exonerated!

Links to the official court transcript will be uploaded soon. Please return for the entire story.

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