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September 30, 2010

Earlier today I mailed copies of the following letter to Dennis Cook, Larry Jordan, Tammi Reynolds and Anthea Spiotto who are all candidates for Downe Township Committee. 

Following the letter are some questions for the candidates.

September 30, 2010

Dear Candidate--

As you may know, I have a website oriented toward Downe Township  as well as anything else that interests me. The address is Check it out if you haven't lately.

I'm writing to you and the three other candidates for two reasons: First, to give you all an opportunity to tell the people of Downe as much about yourself as you would like them to know and to put it on the Internet. Second, I want to give the public a forum for responding to what you write about yourself through a blog oriented toward Downe Township. They can comment and you can respond in a public forum through the blog if you want to respond. Check it out:

If you want to talk with me about my idea I'll gladly discuss the issues on the telephone but I would rather communicate via email. I'm writing 'snail mail' because I don't have an email address for you.

I'm hoping that all of you either have an Internet connection with Email and are willing to respond to this request with an email attachment which I can upload to my website without typing anything. I'll accept a hand written response but I'm not very excited about having to re-type it. An email attachment is best. I can copy and paste without typing anything: I want your words, not mine.

I promise that I will not edit or change what you submit in any fashion what ever. If I see misspelled words or confusing sentence structure, I'll privately alert you to what I see and suggest that you edit if you want.

The point: I want to post your words about you, not my words about you.

Toward the third week in October I will write a commentary article in support of two of you. Maybe. I may choose to support one, two or none.

Hopefully, you'll see this as an opportunity to get yourself 'out there' in a venue you may not have access to: The Internet.

Find enclosed a list of questions that I think should be answered by a candidate for township committee in Downe Township. I am posting the questions to my website. I will post your replies as soon as I receive them. Proof it well and send it along.

Thank you...and good luck in November.

The following are questions that I sent to the four candidates:

To the 2010 Candidates for Downe Township Committee:

Here are a few questions that will help voters decide on the best two people to sit on our township committee.

No trick questions.

Nothing biased which will favor one candidate over another. My goal is simple: allow people to know something about you and to understand want you can do for Downe Township. Write as little or as much as you want. Email with questions or comments:

1. What is your name, place and date of birth?

2. What life experience, job experience, business experience or schooling do you have which will be beneficial to the residents during you tenure on the Downe Township Committee? [Talk yourself up as much as you want. The idea is to let everyone know what talents you have which will benefit Downe Township.]

3. What things do you see in Downe Township that need the most amount of attention and action?

4. Why did you decide to be a candidate in the 2010 election for committee person?

5. Would you be willing to be a township committee person if the pay was $1.00 per year?

6. What do you do for relaxation?

7. What would you like to add about yourself? [Anything that you would like the voters of Downe Township to know about you.]

September 23, 2010

In my opinion, the ills of the world are gender oriented. Our world is under siege by members of the Abrahamic religions. They are all male-dominated, all at war, and they have been for many centuries. I don't limit myself to the present nor to only the Abrahamic religions. For centuries, when and where males dominated the world, the world was at war. Skin color, ethnic origin or religious belief is not the cause: male thinking and domination is the cause...and the problem.

From a recent Letter to the Editor  << Click to read the letter >

Harassment Update

Well, it looks like my hearing for harassment charges  will not be heard on October 4th after all.

As of today, it will be heard on October 13th. No time known at the present but most likely after the lunch period. My attorney will be getting a letter in the next few days.

If you don't know my reference to harassment charges check my Oracle of Fortescue article.  The whole debacle began in July of 2009 and has spanned four different legal venues.

Fortescue news...

One of my associate spies informed me that the infamous "Johnson trailer"--which was put in Fortescue and is causing an on-going ruckus--now has full skirting, a very beautiful, large deck and other emenities. It appears to enhance the neighborhood in my estimation.

I recently paid $10 for two tapes of the audio from recent Downe P&Z Board. I'm working on a way to post portions to BernieSayers.TV. I taped one of the meetings and will probably post excerpts in the near future but it'll all be history soon.

It's curious to me how people who, themselves are not doing building according to code would have the chutzpah to complain about that trailer.

I'm putting my money on "That Trailer is Staying".

Tammi Reynolds knocks on doors...

Another report has come in from Fortescue.  Tammi Reynolds, of Newport, has been seen campaigning along Delaware Avenue. Tammi is knocking on doors to introduce herself to our residents.

I attended a Downe Township committee meeing recently and was surprised to see a new face on the committee. Ms. Reynolds has replaced Renee Blizzard who reluctantly resigned from the committee because of health reasons.

Ms. Reynolds brings considerable accounting experience to the committee and will be a huge asset to the group. During the public participation porting of the meeting, I surprised her with a question about why she was sitting with the committee. Her poise and intelligence showed when she explained that she had resigned from the Downe Township School Board to take a seat replacing Ms. Blizzard.

Downe Township Issues

I have drafted a letter and a list of questions for all of our candidates for committee. I want to find out what they stand for, a little about their background and what they think they can do to make Downe Township a better place to live.

I'll be sending snailmail letters to Ms. Reynolds, Ms. Spiotto, Mr. Cook and Mr. Jordan with a request for personal information to include their education, experience and reasons for wanting to serve the residents of Downe Township.

I'll be publishing the letters, the questions and all responses to this web site as the candidates respond to me. If any candidate chooses not to respond I'll indicate that also.

Stop back, the election should be interesting with four people chasing after two positions.

Material will be added to the top of this page on a semi-regular basis. When you visit next time, read down to where information begins to sound familiar. Then go outside and get some exercise.

Blessed Be

Oracle of Fortescue

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